Homework 11/03/19

  1. The weather is not cold. The children won’t stay indoors. If the weather was cold, the children wouldn’t stay indoors.
  2. He isn’t’ going to enter university. He won’t attend preliminary courses. If he doesn’t attend preliminary courses, he isn’t going to enter university.
  3. The weather isn’t warm today. We won’t go hiking. If the weather was warm today, we would go hiking.
  4. The sausage is not fresh. I won’t eat it. If the sausage was fresh, I would eat it.
  5. I am not a doctor. I won’t help you. If I were a doctor, I would help you.


  1. I have no appetite. I won’t eat anything. If I had appetite, I would eat something.
  2. He doesn’t read much. His vocabulary won’t get rich. If he read more, his vocabulary would get rich.
  3. I don’t know Mr. Hansen. I can’t meet him at the airport. If I knew Mr. Hansen, I would meet him at the airport.
  4. He doesn’t sing well. He won’t take part in the concert. If he sang well, He would take a part in the concert.
  5. They don’t cook. They don’t eat at home. If they cooked, they would eat at home.


  1. Jim doesn’t earn much. He can’t go to the sea every summer. If Jim earned more, He would be able to go to the sea every summer.
  2. I don’t know the town. I can’t show it to you. If I knew the town, I would show it to you.
  3. The soup isn’t ready We can’t have dinner now. If the soup was ready, we would have dinner now.
  4. We haven’t got any vegetables at home. We can’t make any salad. If we had some vegetables at home, we would make some salad.
  5. I don’t read any newspapers. I can’t tell you the news. If I read some newspaper, I would tell you the news.




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